My mind is energized by family life & a variety of delicious dark roasts.

That perspective allows my art to inspire imaginations young and old, thereby helping them to gaze upon the night sky so they can dance among the stars . ..together. My work is created using analog tools—illustration pens, markers, paper, etc.—or digital tools—Adobe Fresco or Procreate, on an iPad Pro—for print and online use.

I invite you to peruse my exhibits for Inktober 2019: one ink drawing every day, during the wonderful month of October. Each drawing was created using black illustration pens and, in some cases, Prismacolor markers; all pieces were drawn on artisan journal paper—view Inktober archive.

I work in my journal on a regular basis. Its contents serve as an exploration of unapologetic creativity. It nourishes my mind and fuels formal work.

“I hired Joe to create a new piece of digital art, a Phoenix/bird illustration to use as a marketing tool to showcase a new product that was bringing my company back from the edge of death. I selected the subject for the art, and Joe took my idea and brought it to life in a very beautiful and compelling manner. We are currently using the Phoenix illustration on our website and all of our marketing fliers and posters; my partners and I all love it.” — Blake Henke, Managing Partner at North Star Science and Technology

“I purchased original black and white artwork from Joe at an Arts Crawl. I was really drawn to his art because it was creative, original, and unique. There was so much beauty captured in this black and white image; it had a very childlike innocence to the piece but in a contemporary way.” — Laura Redlisky-Readyoff, Art Event Attendee

“Joe is an all-around creative talent and an exceptional asset to those he serves . ..his creative insight and conceptual thinking are second to none.” — Steph Doyle, Owner and Creative Director at CINQ Creative

If you have questions or want to commission bespoke artwork, let’s talk!