I observe life through steaming coffee & an energized imagination.

That perspective allows my poems to function as curious carafes of wide-awake thinking that caffeinate the mind and illuminate the soul.

The complete work—in whatever form that may be—can be printed on professional-grade paper and accompanied by background information and care instructions. Or, if needed, it can be shared as a digital file instead, for online needs, or simply as text if words alone are all that’s needed.

​​​​​​​Commissioned haiku, for a wedding reception

you and me—soulmates
beyond words and hugs and time
our heart’s in the stars

Commissioned haiku, for Neil Adams Photography

dance and masquerade
two souls touched by shoes and chats
love is always love

Commissioned haiku, for the North Star Science and Technology website

data empowers
the conservation of life—
one Earth, shared by all

Haiku, as a commissioned gift

painted feathers fly
grace afloat creative wit
a profound embrace

Personal work, for sale online & at art events:

Free-verse poem—“Father Time Killed the Atari Dream”—for my upcoming collaborative book of poetry & Polaroids {Spring 2020}

I speak a unique language

because in the 70s and 80s
you were stuck to a cord
and changing channels by hand
and wielding pixels to do battle
to live the stonewashed dream

in those days
sticks became Excalibur
and fences constructed Camelot
and cul-de-sacs were an ocean
so ten-speeds became rockets

back then
you were kind to rewind
and clouds were actually clouds
and fun was in-person
which meant emoti- was not a -con

a long time ago
there was Mork
and Mindy
and Taxi
and a Land, that was Lost . ..  .    .

I HAVE A STORY to tell
about a distant time
and a distant place
and another language
but do not worry
because i can translate

i speak Before & After

Free-verse poem—“A Word Monument to Coffee”—for my upcoming collaborative book of poetry & Polaroids {Spring 2020}

My mornings are filled with
paper-filter parades and
freshly brewed ballets


coffee is a phoenix

Haibun poem {“on Ideas & Fireflies”; personal work}

childhood once meant chasing fireflies while the night sky enveloped the world, beacons of adventure, bouncing through the air, imploring little hearts to run after big dreams, a memory sadly misplaced as childhood decays into adulthood . ..  .    .

epiphanic fireflies dance

If you have questions or want to commission a bespoke poem, let’s talk!