Creativity is a chaotic experience: rewarding, but messy and unpredictable. I suppose that’s what makes it so exciting, aside from the sense of accomplishment associated with completed work. But it still requires a level of patience that some days I must dig deep for, and it’s through patience that the beauty of the process is revealed.

What keeps me going is a growing fascination with this style of writing and artwork, which of course includes my unending love of haiku. I’d be lying if I said I achieve success every time or that projects come together quickly. Oh no, dear readers, it’s quite the opposite. Each blackout piece can take me a few hours per day over several days, and even then the result could be my scrapping the entire thing to start anew. When I complete a piece—and it has been scanned, with its associated drawing added (that will be an entirely separate blog article for another day)—I safely tuck the original into a manila envelope and store it within my filing cabinet atop my works in progress.

Now that I have several pieces completed and ready for printing, I ordered my first round of prints (for the robot haiku) from Smartpress. It will be an 11″ x 14″ print on 120-lb., UV-coated white cover stock. The PDF soft proof looked good so if the hard copies are equally as nice, I’ll order prints for additional haiku and will update my Etsy store! To keep up with the latest news from my studio, just visit my Spilling the Beans page. I update the page at least once per week and I always include additional fun facts to maintain a well-rounded perspective.

I hope you enjoyed this behind-the-beans look at my creative process. Keep an eye out for another process-based article about the drawings included with each haiku: it’s an entirely different type of process but, much like the blackout approach, is incredibly rewarding!

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