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KEYS, LADEN WITH FINGERPRINTS—worn but not torn—recount ideas, perspectives, and interpretations from the brains of intellectuals who have sadly passed on or happily moved on. The aroma of age speaks of 1942 or possibly 1939…either way, a bygone era lost but not forgotten. It was an age where each letter of a thought leaped to the page to contribute its segment of the reflection.

Listen to the audible monuments—a “shook-shook,” “ding,” or “klock-klock”—and be reminded that once upon a time, communication was built to last.

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I observe life through steaming coffee and an energized imagination. When that's coupled with my rich background in writing, visual communication, and concept development, I become a barista of words and art. A craftsman of communication. Someone who combines creative thought with meaningful substance in order to provide a rich reading experience that caffeinates the brain space.