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I speak a unique language because I lived in the 70s & 80s.

It was an era that embraced the notion of putting a box atop another box so that we never had to leave the couch. One could turn up their collar in public because the youth insisted on it—although truth be told, any bastardization one could imagine and implement was immediately accepted as fashion canon. And let us not forget that our homes spent hours watching digital people wield their pixels to do battle in space, on sports fields, or on racetracks. Yes, dear readers, it was a magical time.

Those were days when sticks became Excalibur, fences constructed Camelot, and cul-de-sacs were an ocean—which meant ten-speeds became rockets. Of course, you were kind to rewind and clouds were actually clouds and fun was in-person—which meant stickers were our emoticons. If you look closely, you’ll see Mork and Mindy and Taxi and a Land that was Lost. But sadly, their shadows have all but evaporated into a new reality that exists on Facebook, or in the news (sorry, “fake news”). Considering all of that exists on our phones, most live while walking and tapping nowadays.

Alas, our stone-washed dreams, feathered haircuts, and priceless pet rocks—which surprisingly did have a price—have been relegated to retro memes and nostalgic websites. But I will never forget. I have a story to tell about a distant time and a distant place and another language.

Do not worry because I can translate: I speak Before and After.

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