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Power Cliches Keep the Hive Alive | 2-oz. Read | Blog

The prepackaged aspects of contemporary society produce a misguided mirage.

That’s because “follow the leader” is the name of the game, and it is a game because square pegs in square holes built a cardboard landscape. The mentality behind the mirage—let’s call it “the hive”—believes trite speak on framed mountain peaks and bold ads for fresh fads should serve as challenges—to you and for you—to “be” a “better” “you.” It preaches the notion that working harder and not smarter will give you a reason to hold your head high. It wants you to believe that the latest and greatest tomorrow is within your grasp, but only with their guidance. Sounds great, right?

Well, what the hive doesn’t tell you is that they’ll own your tomorrow if you let them. If you subscribe to their future, what was once considered cookie-cutter will suddenly appear as if it’s the cream of the crop. And you’ll dream in beige. Before you know it, life becomes a bland illusion in which you’re always chasing a carrot on a stick. Sure, some days you might catch the carrot, but oh shit are you going to work for it. And when you finally see it up close, its luster will have faded, which will make you want a better carrot. Do you see a pattern forming?

So, dear readers, I say relegate khaki to trousers and not the walls of your life. Toss the flair. Tear up the recipe and crack the mold. Avoid the hive: don’t live to exist, live to be alive.

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