On Shakespeare and Hallways | A 2-oz. Read | Joe Blend

“Pardon me…I know I am a meager office peasant but thou cluelessly standeth betwixt me and fair hallway. Would thou care to move thy hind carriage so I may venture onward to Cubicle-shire?”

Many years ago, I worked in an office and like many professional environments, it was adjacent to a lobby and accompanying elevators. What I found most frustrating was the idle chatter that seemed to always develop just as an elevator reached its next stop. Because that chatter would sustain itself, despite the elevator doors opening and more people attempting to enter. Of course, there I was, just a simple office minion trying to make his way back to the cube farm…and there they were—gabbing away—even though elevator doors do not wait forever, and time stops for no one.

I was a writer then too so naturally, I turned a negative into a positive, ergo, the short and slightly snarky jewel of prose above. Enjoy!

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