Creativity & Perspective


‘Tis a wondrous experience to listen to the soundtrack for Close Encounters of the Third Kind at 5:45 a.m.

As it plays in the background, the windows—still dark panes of glass at that hour—beg one to ponder the vastness of the heavens. Each twinkling gem is an explosive ball of energy, but collectively they sit quietly like a connect-the-dots drawing waiting to live.

But people have, in fact, connected the dots. They called their masterpieces Scorpio, Leo, Orion, et al., and without so much as incorporating, into the nomenclature, a nod to the fact that each of those dots—outside our perspective from Earth—is physically too far away from the others to form even the semblance of a horribly planned neighborhood. That fact, by itself, is telling. Yet there they are, together, in the night sky…personages bound by imagination and sheer will.

Now consider creativity and all its artistic forms. Art—for personal or professional needs, from any discipline—doesn’t exist until it’s created. Constellations and art. Creativity. Sheer will…and imagination.

Carl Sagan, with his billions and billions of brain cells, said it best: “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.”

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