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A fresh blend of news, about my upcoming book.

Throughout my career as a writer and artist, I maintained a fascination with journals and handmade art. It’s been an unquenchable thirst, a dangling carrot just out of reach, and in some ways, a thorn in my side. That’s because I’ve never been able to figure out how to write a purchasable book that represents the best of what journals and handmade art have to offer. Until now.

It’s a top secret project…sort of…but I can reveal a few things: it’s a book of original and previously unpublished haiku; it will not be mass produced (i.e. it will be one of a kind); and there will be a variety of treatments applied to the poetry. The book is still in progress but my plan is to complete it by Spring 2018 and make it available for purchase shortly thereafter.

Alas, I’ve said too much already…at least for the time being! So, stay tuned for more updates as the full-reveal date inches closer…

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I observe life through steaming coffee and an energized imagination. When that's coupled with my rich background in writing, visual communication, and concept development, I become a barista of words and art. A craftsman of communication. Someone who combines creative thought with meaningful substance in order to provide a rich reading experience that caffeinates the brain space.