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Sometimes, a mistake can be positive.

In the world of creativity, that scenario is called a happy accident. And it’s never expected. But believe me, dear readers, an errant mark or failed experiment—perhaps due to a jittery hand or lapse in judgment—can serve as the catalyst for a transformation worthy of Hogwarts.

Granted, a happy accident is always followed by a panicked pause in breathing…a hair-raising experience, for sure. But eventually, an unforeseen flub can reveal fresh inspiration or if lucky, an elevated level of creativity.

Embrace a mistake. Because a happy accident can, in fact, make an artist…well, happy.

EXAMPLE / The drawing below is an example of a happy accident. When I started, it was meant to be a negative-space illustration of a coffee cup. However, when I realized I’d done nothing more than surround the shape of a cup with Sharpie ink, I became discouraged. But within the depths of that failure came inspiration. I decided to add steam with a white-ink pen, along with an outline of the cup in black pen; I also modified the cup’s pattern (on the side) to add depth.

Jolly Mistakes & Happy Accidents | 2-oz. Read | Joe Blend

Those adjustments—a result of an experiment turned failure—transformed the journal page into a completed drawing that I felt was more interesting than my original vision. I was a happy artist indeed!

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