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I don’t draw what’s in front of me. I draw what I see.

My style has been sculpted through careful study and exploration, and it found its momentum with a simple approach: perspective. The definition of the word perspective is, in part, concerned with “the capacity to view things in their true relations or relative importance.” (Merriam-Webster, s.v. “perspective,” accessed January 21, 2018, https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/perspective.)

Relative importance. That’s how I see the components of a subject I’m drawing. I blur my mental focus—only paying attention to what jumps out at me, as the most critical elements to the function or form—in order to draw not what’s in front of me, but instead what I see. What my mind sees. Clearly, my artwork above is not a French press in its entirety. That’s because to me, a French press wouldn’t be a French press without the plunger and filter assembly.

Everything else is merely a support system. To me, anyway.

A French press, study #1 | Joe Blend | Drawing

SUBJECT: An original abstract drawing of a French press
DIMENSIONS: 7.75″ x 9.75″
MATERIALS: Black drawing pens on 90 lb. Strathmore mixed media paper; drawing created with acid-free, archival materials
PRICE: $125.00 USD (unframed; online retail outlet to be determined)

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I observe life through steaming coffee and an energized imagination. When that's coupled with my rich background in writing, visual communication, and concept development, I become a barista of words and art. A craftsman. Someone who combines creative thought with meaningful substance, thereby allowing valuable messages to rise above the noise of our fast-paced society. Although my work employs anything from copywriting and haiku to drawing and illustration, the inspiration is always the same: curiosity and creativity, with a caffeinated kick!