Month: March 2018


I believe that less is more. It makes sense to me, on a fundamental level, like the passage of time conveyed by a setting sun. Its seemingly counter-intuitive nature shares a confident wink that tells me it knows something I’m not yet aware of. But I do know, I do understand…at least I thought I did. And therein lies the lesson, because no matter how much more I create with less, I will always be surprised. Endless discovery, boundless application, incalculable potential—for writing, for art, for life. an organic life pruned and sculpted with purpose focus…less is more — ASIDE: Over time, I’ve engaged subjects related to achieving more through less: Haiku, from my study of poetry; Shinrin-yoku, a happy-accident discovery that implored me to embrace the peace found within nature; a focus on details, learned from Anthony Bourdain’s travels to Japan, on his former show No Reservations; and, to some extent, The Minimalists, two men who dedicate their time to helping people live meaningful lives with less. What’s common throughout these subjects is the idea …


I want to be a clockmaker. But I want to envelop Father Time in a lullaby, thereby gifting minutes—or possibly hours—to people who dare to dream. Extra moments, for the mind to run free. It would be a magnificent clock indeed! Methinks five large hands, each one unique in design and whirling past Roman numerals—some missing, some cockeyed—with a tempest’s energy, in opposite directions. Fashioned like the grandfathers of yore, my clock would bewilder all eyes that looked upon it, propelling the expected into the realm of the unexpected, thus removing one’s mind from the linear passage of time and gently placing it into a nebulous and seemingly never-ending moment. Yes, I want to be a clockmaker. I want to give the gift of time, which is the creator of dreams. © 2018 Joe Blend. All rights reserved.


I believe in the art of writing and the practice of reading—online—despite the internet’s negative effects on both. Therefore, I present to you a brief espresso manifesto, my commitment to the art and quality of written communication on the internet, and why I think that matters. — My writing is not crafted for skimming eyes. That’s because it’s not assembled like a buffet. My sentences do not require a special dipping sauce to enhance their flavor as they pass through the gullet of someone’s mind. Readers are not encouraged to simply snatch what they think are useful bites and then mindlessly discard the rest like an empty bag of potato chips. If readers do not have the patience to consume all the words, then they respect none of the words. Those are fast-food readers. I do not write for them. I don’t care if some writers saturate their work with one- or two-sentence paragraphs, or slather branded keywords like cheap hot sauce, or replace real creativity with a cheap substitute…all to favor speed and statistics …