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I believe in the art of writing and the practice of reading—online—despite the internet’s negative effects on both. Therefore, I present to you a brief espresso manifesto, my commitment to the art and quality of written communication on the internet, and why I think that matters.

My writing is not crafted for skimming eyes. That’s because it’s not assembled like a buffet. My sentences do not require a special dipping sauce to enhance their flavor as they pass through the gullet of someone’s mind. Readers are not encouraged to simply snatch what they think are useful bites and then mindlessly discard the rest like an empty bag of potato chips. If readers do not have the patience to consume all the words, then they respect none of the words. Those are fast-food readers.

I do not write for them.

I don’t care if some writers saturate their work with one- or two-sentence paragraphs, or slather branded keywords like cheap hot sauce, or replace real creativity with a cheap substitute…all to favor speed and statistics over experience. In those scenarios, writing becomes a happy meal of empty calories best served through a literary fast-food drive-through instead of a passionate and professional communication avenue.

I do not write like them.

Instead, my writing is crafted like a multi-course meal. Each paragraph, despite having its own function and flavor, collectively serves the whole. Moving from sentence to sentence, from one paragraph to the next, is a symphonic experience full of rich meaning. Regardless of length, my work has artistic form and practical function, to provide real nourishment for the mind.

I write to create rich reading experiences—narratives, delicious but healthy, from my mind to yours. I write for you.

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