Father Time Killed the Atari Dream

{This free-verse poem was created for my upcoming collaborative book of poetry & Polaroids, slated for publication Spring 2020.}

I speak a unique language

because in the 70s and 80s
you were stuck to a cord
and changing channels by hand
and wielding pixels to do battle
to live the stonewashed dream

in those days
sticks became Excalibur
and fences constructed Camelot
and cul-de-sacs were an ocean
so ten-speeds became rockets

back then
you were kind to rewind
and clouds were actually clouds
and fun was in-person
which meant emoti- was not a -con

a long time ago
there was Mork
and Mindy
and Taxi
and a Land, that was Lost. .. . .

I HAVE A STORY to tell
about a distant time
and a distant place
and another language
but do not worry
because i can translate

i speak Before & After

Poem © MMXVIII Joe Blend. All rights reserved.