About | A 2-oz. read | Joe Blend

I’m Joe Blend, a caffeinated wordsmith who observes life through steaming coffee and an energized imagination.

My online journal (a 2-oz. read, so to speak) consists of short-form creative writing that’s focused on commonplace subjects and circumstances, with the goal of delivering fresh perspectives for everyday life. But it’s not just paragraphs and prose: I also explore a variety of creative tools and avenues such as blackout poetry, antique typewriters, haiku, and whatever else my mind can think of. Or, as I like to call it: creative writing with a caffeinated kick!

My experience includes 15 years as a writer and content developer in corporate, nonprofit, and freelance environments. But since sharing an array of formal details about my expertise is not my style, allow me to provide a less traditional narrative instead, one that’s still chock-full of rich information…

A sample page from my writing journal | Joe Blend

To begin, I own an antique Royal Quiet De Luxe typewriter (built sometime between 1939 and 1943). My favorite word is huzzah but it holds only a narrow lead over betwixt. Furthermore, I love a good Christopher Walken meme. My favorite professor in college was Nikki Giovanni and it was her Introduction to Creative Writing course that sat and simmered in my mind, inspiring me to become a writer years later. Lastly, I’m currently reading The End of Mr. Y, by Scarlett Thomas; it’s a thrilling story about a mysterious disappearance and an even more mysterious book.

Thank you for your interest in my fresh perspectives. I hope you return for more wide-awake thinking!