Apropos of Joe

I write poetry—using words and, at times, elements of visual communication—in order to add an extra jolt of caffeinated thinking to a larger idea or perspective: espresso shots of poetic proportions, if you will, for businesses, individuals, and events alike.

I began this journey with a curiosity about the notion “less is more.” That lead to reading about {and becoming fascinated with} traditional perspectives from Japanese society—ikigai and shinrin-yoku, to name a couple—as well as classic forms of Japanese poetry—such as haiku, tanka, and haibun—and the ancient Japanese art of haiga. And I love drawing. The rest, as they say, is history. {To learn more about my experience, please visit my LinkedIn profile.}

I WORK IN MY JOURNAL every day. Its contents serve as an exploration of observations, storytelling, and the beauty of unapologetic creativity. It nourishes my mind and fuels formal work . ..  .    .

“Joe created a spot-on, beautiful, and inspiring haiku for a special family member of mine—as a surprise to her. Although I gave Joe some background and directional focus, all the rest—the words, the drawing—were up to him. I am delighted with the entire look, the whole package. I recommend Joe for his haiku, without reservation.” — Susan Wobst, Illustrated Haiku Customer

“Joe wrote three haiku for me to use in various blog articles and they have been fantastic. Although I was already familiar with the haiku format and art form, he opened my eyes to how it can be applied to business. His haiku are thought provoking, good for the soul, and can also be good for your business’s bottom line.” — Neil Adams, Principal Creative at Neil Adams Photography

“Joe was able to create a beautiful haiku for display at our wedding reception. It’s amazing how he is able to articulate such emotion in so few words. The poem will complement our love so nicely, and on such a special day; we could not be happier.” — Jennifer Patterson, Haiku Customer

“At my request, Joe wrote a haiku for inclusion on our website, and it was fantastic. I can highly recommend Joe for both his poetry/creative writing skills and his enthusiastic, self-starter approach to taking on new projects. I also hired him to create a new piece of digital art, a Phoenix/bird illustration to use as a marketing tool to showcase a new product that was bringing my company back from the edge of death. Joe took my idea and brought it to life in a very beautiful and compelling manner. We are currently using the Phoenix illustration on our website and all of our marketing fliers and posters; my partners and I all love it.” — Blake Henke, Managing Partner at North Star Science and Technology

“Joe is equally a master of turning phrases and of raw creative exploration.” — Vail Henry, Director of Brand and Digital Marketing