Apropos of Joe

Grant me a moment, dear reader.

A moment, or even a minute, to share a few energized eccentricities . ..fun facts, if you will, instead of a hackneyed bullet-points-turned-bio approach:

I’m classically trained in drawing, which includes everything from copying what I saw in cartoons, as a kid, to formal 3-hour-long studio courses in college. And as a kid, I once made my own toys using poster board, opaque tape, and crayons because I couldn’t afford the toy-store versions. Furthermore, I’m a 46-year-old adult who proudly owns {and wears} a Hogwarts t-shirt; my favorite children’s book is {without a doubt} The Composer Is Dead, by Lemony Snicket; I own an antique Royal Quiet De Luxe typewriter, a beautiful piece of bygone machinery that was built around 1941; and last but not least, I want my daughter to grow up knowing how important the arts are to the health and well-being of a society. {To learn more about my experience, please visit my LinkedIn profile.}

I WORK IN MY JOURNAL every day. Its contents serve as an exploration of ideas, storytelling, and the beauty of unapologetic creativity. It nourishes my mind and fuels formal work . ..  .     .

If you have questions or want to discuss a potential opportunity, let’s talk!