Behind the beans | A 2-oz. Read

I love coffee.

Seriously, it’s a passion that has kept me drinking three to four cups of delicious java every day, for years (even as I write this piece, I’m contemplating making another pot). In my earlier days as a writer, I would occasionally explore this subject, crafting a bit of prose here and there with the hope that my passion for this brilliant beverage would properly rise to the surface. And 2016 was no different, or so I thought when I began writing The Percolator Symphony.

It began as a second or third round of creative nonfiction essays I wrote for a previous attempt at blogging. As I began, the writing felt no different than earlier adventures into the world of coffee. However, I realized much later (during the writing of this behind-the-beans piece, as a matter of fact) that The Percolator Symphony was a foray into a new perspective: the juxtaposition of coffee and music, which was a more substantial investigation into coffee than I’d previously attempted. I considered each component of the brewing process and how I, as both conductor and audience, would assemble and observe the performance.

I have to say that my intentions with this essay accurately reflect my experiences with coffee and its preparation. Of course, I don’t actually hear a melody…but it’s there, in the nuance of aroma and the various audible notes of the brewing process. The music is in the magic of the experience, a wondrous display worthy of a concert hall. 

Hi, I’m Joe Blend and if you hadn’t yet realized it, I’m a professional coffee fanatic.


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