[ bite-size +Nutritious ]

(additional haiku from the book)
time travel in white
snow records a fresh journey
footprints, a story

epiphanic fireflies dance
life through apps means we
tap away our days—down the
rabbit hole we go . .   .       .        .

Note . . . this book was meant to be a one-of-a-kind handmade publication. However, we decided to convert it to a reproducible print book, so that anyone can enjoy the experience provided through these pages (coming December 2018).

PROJECT: Handmade book of illustrated haiku (5" x 7").
BACKGROUND: The book has one approach creative writing as bite-size nutritious thinking. 
PROCESS + MATERIALS: The book was created by hand, which is to say the layout, writing, and illustrations were created using a black pen and, at times, semi-opaque tape, a Sharpie marker, and our antique typewriter. The physical book was hand-made in Nepal and purchased at Barnes and Noble.
Layout design, illustrations, and haiku © 2018 Joe Blend & Company, LLC. All rights reserved.

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