The Ink Snack | Bite-size writing and nutritious thinking         

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PROJECT: Handmade book design.
CONCEPT: Bite-size nutritious thinking.
RESPONSIBILITIES: Concept; design of intro page and layout of interior pages; content.
PROCESS & MATERIALS: The book’s title (The Ink SnackTM) refers to small portions that provide sustenance when the mind is starved for creativity. And of course, it’s all crafted with ink. Furthermore, all the content was created by hand. The page numbers and introduction page were created using an antique typewriter and pen respectively; the writing and drawings were created by hand as well using a black pen. In addition, the book itself is handmade (but not by me). Handcrafted in Nepal, the book uses local raw materials, basic book-binding technology, and a skill set that can only be described as ancient. I couldn’t think of a better vehicle for poetry and fine art. And at 5″ x 7″, it’s comfortable to hold and can easily fit into a bag or sit atop a coffee table.
PURCHASE: Coming soon.


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