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Joe Blend | A 2-oz. read


Allow me, dear readers, to introduce myself. I’m Joe Blend, a craftsman of writing and art who observes life through steaming coffee and an energized imagination. And now that my 2-oz. read is in full speed, I want to share a little background information about myself and why I write the blog. — My online journal (a 2-oz. read, so to speak) collects my observations and packages them into small servings that have both an artistic form and a practical function. Although my work employs anything from prose and poetry to markers, an antique typewriter, and collage, the inspiration is always the same: curiosity and creativity, with a caffeinated kick! My experience includes 16 years as a writer and content developer in corporate, nonprofit, and freelance environments, alongside work in the field of graphic design. However, sharing an array of formal details about my expertise is not my style, so I invite you to visit my About page for a more casual narrative that’s still chock-full of rich information. If you’re new to my 2-oz. …