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Writing and drawing are practically twin siblings. They’re two peas in a pod, from the inception of a flickering notion. That’s because words are nothing but lines—curved, straight, connected, and otherwise—brought together to help us digest another person’s thoughts. And drawing helps us see those thoughts as if we could peek around the corners of someone’s mind and observe the still frames for each idea. I’ve always known how to draw. I took several formal drawing courses in college, and my graphic design background helped me determine how drawing could be used in my creative writing. But it goes beyond lines. Both writing and drawing require form and function, because a word that doesn’t make sense will tie our brain into a knot; and a thoughtless collection of scribbles will force our brain to discard the subject altogether. That means each word of a sentence must be strategically chosen, just as each line of a drawing must be applied with care. One serves the other, a back and forth between our mind’s eye and our mind’s heart. …


Art helps create cultures and mold human beings. Without art, our society would not have history, folklore, communication, invention, empathy, government, health, science, storytelling, theater, news, movies, personal growth…or in other words, everything we take for granted. Art informs intelligence and is a necessary vehicle for cultural progress and the documentation of humanity. Its influence spans the expanse of night and day, of passion and distaste, of enlightenment and confusion. Art, if we’re smart, will always exist in the fabric of our lives. Blackout poem and writing © 2018 Joe Blend. All rights reserved.


a constellation exploring something new to teach something’s story We explore the stars to narrate our origin and at times, to document our existence. Although science can explain the mechanics of the heavens, it’s our humanity that interprets the past and charts the future here on Earth. We are the ones who tell our story. Let’s illuminate our narratives. Through those discoveries, we can reveal the true scope of life. Blackout poem and writing © 2017 Joe Blend. All rights reserved.