PROJECTS: Illustrated haiku, commissioned for use as gifts (we've also written haiku for a photography studio’s blog, a wedding reception, and a science and technology company specializing in wildlife tracking). Each piece is 7" x 5".
PROCESS + MATERIALS: Each haiku was crafted based on keywords or other inspirational materials provided by the customer. The poems were subsequently typed onto white card stock (using our antique typewriter); hand-drawn illustrations were added to help convey the meaning behind the respective poems.
MISCELLANEOUS: Each project includes the typed and illustrated haiku alongside a description card, all within a crisp black envelope.
(Additional haiku, written for the Patterson/McCann wedding reception, Baker Prince Photography, and North Star Science and Technology)
you and me—soulmates
beyond words and hugs and time
our heart’s in the stars
dance and masquerade
two souls touched by shoes and chats
love is always love
data empowers
the conservation of life—
one Earth, shared by all
© 2017-2018 Joe Blend & Company, LLC, with full usage rights given to the clients.
“Joe wrote three haiku for me to use in various blog articles and they have been fantastic. Although I was already familiar with the haiku format and art form, Joe opened my eyes to how it can be applied to business. His haiku are thought provoking, good for the soul, and can be good for your business’s bottom line.” — Neil Adams, Principal at Baker Prince Photography
"Joe created a spot-on, beautiful, and inspiring haiku for a special family member of mine—as a surprise to her. Although I gave Joe some background and directional focus, all the rest—the words, the drawing—were up to him. I am delighted with the entire look, the whole package. I recommend Joe for his haiku, without reservation. And I cannot wait to order a second one, for another special person." — Susan Wobst, Independent Consultant
“Joe was able to create a beautiful haiku for display at our wedding reception. It’s amazing how he is able to articulate such emotion in so few words. The poem will complement our love so nicely, and on such a special day; we could not be happier.” — Jennifer Patterson, Artist at The Witty Soul
“At my request, Joe wrote a haiku for inclusion on our website, and it was fantastic. I can highly recommend Joe for both his poetry/creative writing skills and his enthusiastic, self-starter approach to taking on new projects.” — Blake Henke, Managing Partner at North Star Science and Technology

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