My work is predominantly black and white, and drawn by hand. That’s because I can’t relate to vector drawing (i.e Adobe Illustrator): I need tactile engagement, as opposed to spending countless minutes fumbling with anchor points when I know putting a pen to paper will yield better results. And although I’ll use some color, I’m not a huge fan of it. It often seems like such a distraction and a nuisance, especially when its absence draws more attention to smaller details. Below are a few samples of formal illustrations I created for personal projects, clients, and employers. Click on each image for a larger view; all work © 2007-2018 Joe Blend.


The Mad Hatter | Joe Blend | IllustrationPROJECT: Illustration for a blog article about the Mad Hatter.
BRIEF: The Mad Hatter might have been bizarre, but he had a kind, playful heart and a good soul. That means all of us are a bit mad (read blog article).
MATERIALS: Pen, craft paper; b/w conversion, composition, and refinements performed in Adobe Photoshop. (view illustration)

PROJECT: Illustration for a commissioned haiku.
BRIEF: When I write haiku for a client, it is typed onto white cardstock alongside a custom, hand-drawn illustration that represents the meaning of the haiku. In this case: the soaring spirit of an artist.
MATERIALS: Pen, 65-lb. acid-free cardstock.

PROJECT: Illustration for an American Red Cross e-newsletter.
BRIEF: This is a black and white revision of my original illustration for their summer edition and its travel theme (view original illustration).
MATERIALS: Pen; composition created in Adobe Photoshop.



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