Names and taglines are small 2-oz. servings of prose designed to encapsulate longer-form content. A good name and tagline should demand a reader’s attention, thereby giving the content a chance to grip the reader’s mind.

NAME & TAGLINE: Focused & Unscripted – Candid Thoughts to Enhance the Photography in Your Life.
PROJECT: Baker Prince Photography blog.
BRIEF: Although their blog serves as an accent to their core services, they expressed an interest in creating a subtle sub-brand for the blog in order to put a stronger emphasis on their effort to provide resources to their audience. Using a common photography term coupled with their interest in connecting via open dialogue, I generated a name that was unique while belaying the publication to their core business.

TAGLINE: Handcrafted Ideas. Powered by Design.
PROJECT: WrkLfe Mfg. Co. brand
BRIEF: WrkLfe needed a tagline that supported their passion for hands-on creativity and functional design, with a manufacturing twist. It needed to reflect a creative exploration process that always begins on paper instead of a laptop.

NAME & TAGLINE: Technically Speaking – Straight Talk about Technical Assistance.
PROJECT: Partners for Community Solutions blog.
BRIEF: The blog highlighted information and resources regarding the technical assistance Partners provided to its clients via the Department of Labor. Since it was a blog, I wanted to emphasize the element of conversation as well, to give it a more personal touch.

NAMES: “Together & Timeless” (family portrait photography); “Introductions & Impressions” (headshot photography); and “Maturity & Milestone” (high school senior photography).
PROJECT: Baker Prince Photography blog.
BRIEF: To assist with promotions through tailored landing pages, I created category names for some of their key services (categories in parentheses).

NAME & TAGLINE: The Raw Materials – Our Thoughts on Concept and Craft
PROJECT: WrkLfe Mfg. Co. blog
BRIEF: WrkLfe developed a blog to share their insight into various aspects of creative thinking. Since they employ the concept of manufacturing throughout their brand materials, I used the notion of raw materials to represent the fundamental nature of their blog’s content. Furthermore, the somewhat broad title provided plenty of room for the publication to grow organically.


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