Names and taglines are small 2-oz. servings of creativity, designed to encapsulate a page of content or a brand’s mission.

NAME & TAGLINE: Focused & Unscripted – Candid Thoughts to Enhance the Photography in Your Life.
PROJECT: Baker Prince Photography blog.
BRIEF: Although their blog serves as an accent to their core services, they expressed an interest in creating a subtle sub-brand for the blog in order to put a stronger emphasis on their effort to provide resources to their audience. Using a common photography term coupled with their interest in connecting via open dialogue, I generated a name that was unique while belaying the publication to their core business.

TAGLINE: Handcrafted Ideas. Powered by Design.
BRIEF: WRKLFE needed a tagline that supported their passion for hands-on creativity and functional design, with a manufacturing twist. It needed to reflect a creative exploration process that always begins on paper instead of a laptop.

NAME & TAGLINE: Technically Speaking – Straight Talk about Technical Assistance.
PROJECT: Partners for Community Solutions blog.
BRIEF: The blog highlighted information and resources regarding the technical assistance Partners provided to its clients via the Department of Labor. Since it was a blog, I wanted to emphasize the element of conversation as well, to give it a more personal touch.

NAMES: “Together & Timeless” (family portrait photography); “Introductions & Impressions” (headshot photography); and “Maturity & Milestone” (high school senior photography).
PROJECT: Baker Prince Photography blog.
BRIEF: To assist with promotions through tailored landing pages, I created category names for some of their key services (categories in parentheses).

NAME & TAGLINE: The Ink Snack: Bite-size Writing + Nutritious Thinking.
PROJECT: Creative writing blog (now defunct).
BRIEF: The blog offered short-form writing that included poetry, articles on unique applications of creativity, and illustration. Additionally, the blog was designed for people who read while away from their computers and was optimized for viewing on smart phones and tablets. Therefore, the name had to reflect those objectives. The concept of “ink” referred to the act of putting pen to paper (i.e. writing and drawing) which is one of the most basic forms of creativity. The term “snack” referred to a need for nutritious thinking, at any time and in any place, because sometimes it can be difficult to make room in one’s calendar for mental nourishment.


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