I suppose this is where I’m supposed to share an array of formal details about my expertise, line items that scream tradition so to speak. Well, that’s not my style. So allow me, dear readers, to instead provide a less traditional bio, one that’s better suited to my personality (and in case you’re really curious, I have 15 years of experience with writing and content development). . .

  • I own an antique Royal Quiet De Luxe typewriter (built sometime between 1939 and 1943).
  • My favorite word is huzzah but it holds only a narrow lead over betwixt.
  • I love a good Christopher Walken meme.
  • I also craft what’s commonly called blackout writing, i.e. poems created by redacting words in newspaper articles. I can be commissioned to create a blackout piece for use as an illustration or one can be purchased as a limited edition print (coming soon).

And here’s what I’m working on right now:

  • A print book—Books are magic. They carry with them a seemingly unending array of observations, adventures, or factual content that serve one purpose: to enrich the mind. In that spirit, I’m writing a book of creative prose, observations through honest and sometimes humorous creative nonfiction that’s slated for publication in early 2018.
  • A 2-oz. read—Here are five things I thought were worth sharing. Serving as a newsletter of sorts, my “2-oz. read” page is updated every Wednesday so check regularly for fresh knowledge!
  • Personal reading—I typically enjoy reading two books at the same time, one fiction and the other nonfiction. My fiction read is The End of Mr. Y by Scarlett Thomas. It’s a thriller about a curious novel and an even more curious disappearance. My nonfiction read is Do I Make Myself Clear? by Harold Evans and is a manifesto on why writing well matters. But why is reading relevant to my work? Because all good writers read: that type of exposure helps cultivate fresh thinking and personal development.