CLIENT: Baker Prince Photography
PROJECT: Promotional copy for a blog article

People do not connect with digital profiles: they connect with human beings. That’s why a professional headshot is so important…it puts a face to your name and online presence. But that’s just scratching the surface! A strong headshot is more than just a photograph and here’s why that’s important…

It’s a human connection – A headshot helps create a personal connection with your audience. In a world where the internet is ubiquitous, your headshot reminds colleagues, as well as potential and existing clients, of who they are interacting with. Additionally, web sites and blogs often include photos of their employees when highlighting information products, blog posts, or background information related to the company. Those headshots add a sense of humanity that nourishes connections and enhances the impact and value behind a brand’s logo.

It’s also a digital handshake – LinkedIn is one of the best resources for research and discovery when receiving referrals or searching for professional connections and potential clients. Therefore, a professional headshot will help you stand out from a sea of profiles, thus extending a personal and unique digital handshake that could be the beginning of a new opportunity.

It communicates personality – A headshot is not just a face: it’s a friendly smile, a look of confidence, an air of individuality, and an expression of professionalism. A headshot can encourage someone to learn more about you or your company simply by providing a solid and well-rounded first impression.

CLIENT: Keith Bowman, Independent graphic designer
PROJECT: Promotional copy for an email campaign

Subject line: Need a creativity fix? Hire a design junkie!

Does your project need an injection of creativity? If so, my graphic design work is guaranteed to give your message a visual high. Why? Because I’m addicted to developing a disciplined approach to composition-based design. I also inject the fundamental principles of design into all my projects through a foundation of strong conceptual thinking. While I’m all for breaking the rules, the success of a project sometimes depends on the designer’s ability to develop a solution using the parameters found within the box.

This is my addiction and I’m not looking for a cure.