CLIENT: Baker Prince Photography
PROJECT: Imaginative prose for a blog article

A high school student is more than the books they read and the facts they memorize.

They’re explorers searching for their identity. They’re people first and students second. And what differentiates teenagers from adults is the specific stage of life upon which they stand and the roles they play as developing human beings. That’s why youth is a tumultuous time, more so for the teenager than any other age group since they have almost unlimited drive but are too young to have earned the enlightenment associated with a long and productive journey. Instead, teenagers are searching, constantly and sometimes blindly, for the path that is tailor-made for them. They are travelers on a quest, riding a train that has no stops but plenty of scenery. If they jump at the wrong time, they find themselves chasing a moving train, desperate to recapture the feeling of rattling stability beneath their feet. But that journey is not about putting one foot in front of the other. Its purpose is to use various experiences to weave the fabric of their personalities in such a way that enables every ounce of their existence—from their choice in music to the style of their clothing—to communicate the fibers of their being.

We can’t always see it, because it’s not about us, but they want us to see it; teenagers want others to know who they are and where they came from. That’s where portrait photography can help.