I want to convey the benefits of creative writing with memorable impact, in ways that can be easily shared.

Therefore, I offer a variety of resources that include a business primer on haiku (PDF) and a series of graphics called Highlighted Haiku. Feel free to download and share any of the resources below (for graphics, please click on images for full-size, web-optimized versions). Stay tuned for additional resources that cover web content, names and taglines, and more.

HAIKU & WHY IT’S FOR YOU (PRIMER) / To learn more about the benefits of haiku, I invite you to download my free primer on haiku for businesses. Included are thoughts and observations about how haiku can benefit brand communication, along with a brief case study that highlights a real-world example.

Perspectives | Haiku | Joe BlendHIGHLIGHTED HAIKU: Like Candy at a Carnival
FEATURED BENEFIT: A haiku is a magical treat that can offer a delicious experience for your audience.
Cleansing the mind | Haiku | Joe BlendHIGHLIGHTED HAIKU: Cleansing the Mind
FEATURED BENEFIT: Haiku can help clear your mind, focus your thinking, and calm your soul.
Creativity | Haiku | Joe BlendHIGHLIGHTED HAIKU: The Bones Need the Brain
FEATURED BENEFIT: Good haiku takes time to create; its success goes far beyond rules and structure. That makes it a versatile mode of communication that can work on multiple levels.
FEATURED BENEFIT: A haiku is a bite-size piece of creative writing that’s chock-full of communication potential.
FEATURED BENEFIT: Haiku is fresh; its words are handpicked, each line sculpted to fit a specific topic.
FEATURED BENEFIT: Haiku is peaceful, quiet, and profound.