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A coffee a day will keep the crabby away. That’s because countless observations have revealed coffee’s ability to help maintain personal balance, focus, and outward contentment by eradicating all malaise of the attitude. From the element of caffeine to the abundant flavors and their complimentary nature to a variety of settings, coffee is, without a doubt, medicine for the soul. DIRECTIONS: Consume one 8-ounce cup of black coffee (no sugar) within 30 minutes of your morning alarm’s cheery chimes. Additional cups may be consumed throughout the morning as needed, with or without food. Warning: Do not exceed five cups in a 24-hour period. Please consult a physician if, after consuming coffee, you experience heart palpitations, day sweats, or nonsensical babbling. Consuming no coffee at all could result in fits of irritation otherwise known as the Jekyll-and-Hyde Effect, an unpredictable malady affecting those around you by rendering the lottery a safer bet than not getting yelled at. If you discover that your coffee supply has been depleted, find the nearest coffee shop posthaste: do not eat, do not stop for …


My version of morning yoga can be described in two words: cathartic haircut. Unlike the joy I receive after scrubbing my coffee-stained teeth prior to the 9:30 p.m. wave of exhaustion I experience every night, my morning haircuts are clipper meditation, a cathartic experience gifting a fresh start. And that invisible burden of anxiety that typically accompanies a bountiful beard or helmet of hair? It now flows off my shoulders until the memory of such a feeling is reduced to clumps of grey and black. My morning has begun and it’s a blank canvas! © 2017 Joe Blend. All rights reserved.


The stage is quiet. Curtains are closed and lights are low. A sense of anticipation hangs in the air as the conductor takes his place. Behind the scenes, the musicians are assembled in rigid attention. Though always poised to create, the players know the first performance of the day is always the most important. The program lists both well-known and obscure participants but despite varied backgrounds, the conductor’s nerves are steady. The players have performed this piece countless times. It’s therefore expected that the aromatic melodies will be executed to perfection. This is, after all, a symphony. As the conductor surveys the scene one final time, the players occupy their usual locations; their sculpted forms appear somewhat disjointed in their proximity but are clearly bound to each other through their roles. Confidence holding in place, all activity ceases as a brief pause pays tribute to what is about to happen. And then it begins… The first calculated movement of the conductor’s arm summons the opening piece as the metal basket is brought to the front accompanied …