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time travel in white snow records a fresh journey footprints, a story While looking out of my studio window last week, I noticed a few tracks of footprints snaking across my driveway and side yard, after a light but fresh overnight snowfall. I didn’t see imprints from boots or loafers but instead, paths…decisions…time, by the moment. Someone was there. They had a place to go, or someone to greet, or maybe just needed to eat. And they were probably thinking about something, although the subject of that thought is now lost to the ages. But it doesn’t matter. What’s important is that they had a story. © 2018 Joe Blend. All rights reserved.

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Allow me, dear readers, to introduce myself. I’m Joe Blend, a craftsman of writing and art who observes life through steaming coffee and an energized imagination. And now that my 2-oz. read is in full speed, I want to share a little background information about myself and why I write the blog. — My online journal (a 2-oz. read, so to speak) collects my observations and packages them into small servings that have both an artistic form and a practical function. Although my work employs anything from prose and poetry to markers, an antique typewriter, and collage, the inspiration is always the same: curiosity and creativity, with a caffeinated kick! My experience includes 16 years as a writer and content developer in corporate, nonprofit, and freelance environments, alongside work in the field of graphic design. However, sharing an array of formal details about my expertise is not my style, so I invite you to visit my About page for a more casual narrative that’s still chock-full of rich information. If you’re new to my 2-oz. …


a constellation exploring something new to teach something’s story We explore the stars to narrate our origin and at times, to document our existence. Although science can explain the mechanics of the heavens, it’s our humanity that interprets the past and charts the future here on Earth. We are the ones who tell our story. Let’s illuminate our narratives. Through those discoveries, we can reveal the true scope of life. Blackout poem and writing © 2017 Joe Blend. All rights reserved.


Every day is a puzzle. We embrace the glory of progress as much as we’re flummoxed by stray pieces that litter the table. We’re psychologists because we live the human experience, but in the same breath we’re students because growth is only born from education. Mystery always leads to discovery, but answers usually create more questions. Therein lies the beauty of existence. Life, dear readers, is lived one day at a time. And every day is cryptic. © 2017 Joe Blend. All rights reserved.

The League of Librarians | 2-oz. Read | Blog


Deep in the nooks and crannies of society lives an organization, a dedicated movement, defined only by the unique ability of its members. I discovered the organization years ago and began to follow them, studying their every move. They have no handshake nor do they wear any sort of identifiable insignia. What’s most peculiar is they do not occupy a joint headquarters or secret lair but instead use their homes or public spaces as a base of operations. Despite that public presence, they operate in whispers and nudges, although they always use their abilities for the greater good. These extraordinary citizens—these devoted individuals—are known as the League of Librarians. The League of Librarians has been around for as long as stories have existed. It was formed in the distant past by the first person to ever tell a story. Regrettably, the League’s archives have no record of this person’s name or background so it appears that his or her identity is lost to the ages. Members of the League have a single magical ability: to …

Father Time Killed the Atari Dream | 2-oz. Read | Blog


I speak a unique language because I lived in the 70s & 80s. It was an era that embraced the notion of putting a box atop another box so that we never had to leave the couch. One could turn up their collar in public because the youth insisted on it—although truth be told, any bastardization one could imagine and implement was immediately accepted as fashion canon. And let us not forget that our homes spent hours watching digital people wield their pixels to do battle in space, on sports fields, or on racetracks. Yes, dear readers, it was a magical time. Those were days when sticks became Excalibur, fences constructed Camelot, and cul-de-sacs were an ocean—which meant ten-speeds became rockets. Of course, you were kind to rewind and clouds were actually clouds and fun was in-person—which meant stickers were our emoticons. If you look closely, you’ll see Mork and Mindy and Taxi and a Land that was Lost. But sadly, their shadows have all but evaporated into a new reality that exists on Facebook, …


The stage is quiet. Curtains are closed and lights are low. A sense of anticipation hangs in the air as the conductor takes his place. Behind the scenes, the musicians are assembled in rigid attention. Though always poised to create, the players know the first performance of the day is always the most important. The program lists both well-known and obscure participants but despite varied backgrounds, the conductor’s nerves are steady. The players have performed this piece countless times. It’s therefore expected that the aromatic melodies will be executed to perfection. This is, after all, a symphony. As the conductor surveys the scene one final time, the players occupy their usual locations; their sculpted forms appear somewhat disjointed in their proximity but are clearly bound to each other through their roles. Confidence holding in place, all activity ceases as a brief pause pays tribute to what is about to happen. And then it begins… The first calculated movement of the conductor’s arm summons the opening piece as the metal basket is brought to the front accompanied …


civilization chiseled the sculpture about genius in the world Throughout history, humans nurtured intelligence because we knew how we wanted to greet the sunrise and where we wanted to be during the sunset. Humanity learned how to craft a modern society from nothing more than drawings and dreams, and despite adversity forcing us to retrace our steps at times, we ultimately succeeded in shaping civilization into what it is today. And so it will be tomorrow. Blackout poem and writing © 2017 Joe Blend. All rights reserved.

Stale Popcorn and Cotton Candy Dreams | 2-oz. Read | Blog


Within a narrative of stale popcorn and cotton candy dreams stands a small canvas tent. Weathered from disinterest but living nonetheless within the carnival’s subtext, the tent precariously stands at a slight angle as its stained cracks crawl around a mere flap of material that, during a stiff wind, conveys a teasing invitation into a creepy catacomb. It is, without a doubt, a distant cousin to its big-top counterpart. The players—a master and marionette, both relics from a bygone era—sit upon a crumbling stage, ready to gift their performance to an audience of eager eyes and believing minds. Once seated, it’s the assumption of innocence that fuels the comfort of the audience as the man begins to move each of his arms in succession alongside the goofy and playful gestures of the clumsy doll. However, it’s when the doll lets go of the strings and leaps from the lap of her marionette—into the audience and of her own accord—that panic and mayhem set in. The man slumps over, inanimate and staring blankly at the chaos …