Tanka is a Japanese form of verse similar to haiku except that it consists of five lines (instead of three) and employs a five-seven-five-seven-seven syllable count. Much like haiku, Tanka incorporates a turn of thought; however, the turn in this case creates a transition between the subjects of the upper poem (kami-no-ku) and lower poem (shimo-no-ku). Learn more at www.poets.org.

Title: Armor-Plated Sweater Vests
Remaining true to yourself

antiques scream unique
armor-plated sweater vests
guard the mind’s thumbprints—
sit on paths & stand in chairs
hop on one leg…just be you

Title: A Royal Among Peasants
A nostalgic look at antique typewriters

the audible monuments
of bygone thinking…
once upon a time, letters
leaped and words were built to last

Title: On Curse & Cure
The curse of, and cure for, mobile device addiction

life through apps means we
tap away our days, down the
rabbit hole we go .   .      .
refresh tired spirits—find trees
the canopy of life

Title: On Coffee & Cubism
The art of coffee

my mornings are filled
with paper filter parades
and fresh-brewed ballets—
an old phoenix would be proud
machines dance, coffee is art