A professional is defined by their work and by what others say about the work. Therefore, I’m sharing some caffeinated candor from a few people I worked with in the past.

Keith Bowman, Independent Creative Director / “I’ve had the opportunity to work with Joe on a few projects and have found the experience to be extremely rewarding. Joe has a strong talent for listening to and understanding the copy needs of a project, which includes an ability to distill the message to its core and to develop a creative narrative that exposes the heart of the content. While his writing style might be more efficient when others tend to be verbose, Joe is very astute at finding the correct tone for the writing and then subsequently marrying it to an existing brand or helping to apply a fresh voice to a new brand.

Joe also excels at collaboration. As a creative director, I’ve worked with many writers who lacked the skills to effectively add value to a project because they were unable to take or give feedback. However, Joe does a great job of not only completing the tasks but of identifying when it’s appropriate to push a concept further by bringing his own ideas and personality to the table.”

Vail Henry, Creative Director at Identity Guard / “Joe is equally a master of turning phrases and of raw creative exploration. Not your typical wordsmith, his deep inventiveness has been of great help to some of the core brainstorming my creative team has done for the past few months. It’s a delight to find such a quick and nimble mind that connects so well with other artists to round out a room of designers. It’s doubly exciting to find that mind in a person who also keeps an organized and timely schedule.”

James Lambert, Principal at James Lambert Consulting, LLC / “After searching for freelancers to contribute to my new consulting blog, Joe answered the call and certainly delivered. His post touched upon a great topic while showing his own talent in writing. I can’t wait to see what else Joe has to contribute and would highly recommend him if you’re looking for a creative writer.”

Susan Wobst, former Executive Director at Partners for Community Solutions / “Joe served Partners for Community Solutions well in several capacities. He wrote and edited articles and technical materials on our key program, materials that were used by as many as 900 readers. He helped me write copy for a fresh marketing piece and he assisted me with the creation of non-overlapping text for branding on our new website. Furthermore, Joe worked on social media for our programs and our nonprofit—webinars, podcasts, our first blog and an online Community of Practice used by several hundred professionals throughout the U.S. for shared learning and networking. I found Joe to be proactive, responsive, careful with detail, and able to see the larger picture; a strong combination. I wish I had more time to work with Joe and hope it can happen in the future.”