Regardless of whether you consider it copywriting or prose, website content creates a conversation between an endeavor and its audience. Below are samples of web content I wrote for the WrkLfe Mfg. Co. Since each member of the studio is involved with independent, hands-on projects that fuel their creativity, I chose a handcrafted theme for the content (which also supported their studio’s name).

Homepage H1 and copy: This is not an agency. Instead, we are craftsmen.

Creative thinking is timeless—in days past, necessity bred invention and that still holds true today. But strong creative must be forged through passion and commitment, and that’s not something that holds office hours. That’s why we’re not an agency: we are makers, true craftsmen dedicated to the belief that solid design should be for the masses.

About page copy: For some, creative thinking is a 9-to-5-paycheck effort that applies a little spit and shine to weak solutions. But not us! Our work is our craft and our minds are constant sponges. That allows our brains to infuse WrkLfe output with unique expertise and priceless insight. We don’t shoehorn your project into a prefab process that favors buzzwords over brilliance. Instead, we turn off our laptops and turn on our brains: we put pen to paper so our minds can fully investigate unique angles for your project. Then, and only then, can we make interesting observations, create strong connections, and identify fresh solutions.

Team page copy: Robust creativity does not require a string of adjacent cubicles. What it needs is a shared passion for craft and at WrkLfe, we embrace that philosophy. With satellite studios in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, we work just as well remotely as we would in a shared office. Why? Because technology allows us to communicate directly and efficiently which helps us mold and merge every part of a project, as a team, in order to manufacture a successful solution.