My work consists of writing and illustration, two disciplines in which I infuse an artistic form and a practical function.

It is created for personal or professional endeavors, and each time the inspiration is the same: curiosity and creativity, with a caffeinated kick! Clients and previous employers include Identity Guard, the WrkLfe Mfg. Co., Baker Prince Photography, the American Red Cross, various special occasions, and a soon-to-be-launched endeavor created by a talented graphic designer and design instructor.

WRITING: I specialize in creative voice and narrative through content for websites and blogs, as well as names and taglines (and occasionally, haiku, to add an extra dose of caffeinated thinking) – view work.

ILLUSTRATION: I’m well versed at creating concept-based artwork that can serve as an illustration for content or as a piece of fine art to refresh a tired wall – view work.

Keith Bowman, Digital Creative Director at Mangos Agency: “Working with Joe is extremely rewarding. He has a strong talent for listening to and understanding the needs of a client, which includes an ability to distill a message to its core and to develop a creative narrative that successfully exposes the heart of the content. He’s very astute at finding the correct tone for the writing and then subsequently marrying it to an existing brand or helping to apply a fresh voice to a new brand.” (on LinkedIn)

Vail Henry, former Creative Director at Identity Guard: “Joe is equally a master of turning phrases and of raw creative exploration. Not your typical wordsmith, his deep inventiveness has been of great help to some of the core brainstorming my creative team has done for the past few months. It’s a delight to find such a quick and nimble mind that connects so well with other artists to round out a room of designers.” (on LinkedIn)

Neil Adams, Principal Creative at Baker Prince Photography: “Joe wrote three haiku for me to use in various blog articles and they have been fantastic. Although I was already familiar with the haiku format and art form, Joe opened my eyes to how it can be applied to business. His haiku are thought provoking, good for the soul, and can be good for your business’s bottom line.” (on LinkedIn)