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​​​​​​​CARL SAGAN + the Billions of Ideas Not Yet Discovered.   .. .  .‘Tis a wondrous experience to listen to the soundtrack for Close Encounters of the Third Kind at 5:45 a.m.
As it plays in the background, the windows—still dark panes of glass at that hour—beg one to ponder the vastness of the heavens. Each twinkling gem is an explosive ball of energy, but collectively they sit quietly like a connect-the-dots drawing waiting to live.
But people have, in fact, connected the dots. They called their masterpieces Scorpio, Leo, Orion, et al., and without so much as incorporating, into the nomenclature, a nod to the fact that each of those dots—outside our perspective from Earth—is physically too far away from the others to form even the semblance of a horribly planned neighborhood. That fact, by itself, is telling. Yet there they are, together, in the night sky…personages bound by imagination and sheer will.
Now consider creativity and all its artistic forms. Art—from any discipline—doesn’t exist until it’s created. Constellations and art. Creativity. Sheer will…and imagination.
Carl Sagan, with his billions and billions of brain cells, said it best: “Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known."
[ FOR The WrkLfe Mfg. Co. website ] .. .  .     .Creative thinking is timeless. In days past, necessity bred invention and that still holds true today. But creative thinking is also priceless. It must be crafted through passion and commitment, and that’s not something that holds office hours. Real creativity is a way of life. It’s what fuels powerful solutions to real-world challenges. 
That's what we call WrkLfe.
FATHER TIME killed the ATARI Dream .   ... .I speak a unique language because I lived in the 70s & 80s.
It was an era that realized video was, in fact, killing the radio star. Some would say turning up your collar in public was the epitome of style—although truth be told, any bastardization one could imagine and implement was immediately accepted as fashion canon. And let us not forget that our homes spent hours watching digital people wield their pixels to do battle in space, on sports fields, or on racetracks. Yes, dear readers, it was a magical time.
Those were days when sticks became Excalibur, fences constructed Camelot, and cul-de-sacs were an ocean—which meant ten-speeds became rockets. Of course, you were kind to rewind and clouds were actually clouds and fun was in-person—which meant stickers were our emoticons. If you look closely, you’ll see Mork and Mindy and Taxi and a Land that was Lost. But sadly, their shadows have all but evaporated into a new reality that exists on Facebook, or in the news (sorry, “fake news”). Considering all of that exists on our phones, most live while walking and tapping nowadays.
Alas, our stone-washed dreams, feathered haircuts, and priceless pet rocks—which surprisingly did have a price—have been relegated to retro memes and nostalgic websites. But I will never forget. I have a story to tell about a distant time and a distant place and another language.
Do not worry because I can translate: I speak Before and After.
ON FROWNS + CLOWNS .. . In our big-top world, some consider themselves ringmasters.
Because to them, you’re a joke they want to poke with a stick as they flick a switch so you fall through the floor, a door that welcomes your final laugh or what they call a gaffe. If you let them, they’ll watch you botch the act, which they think is a pact since they sold tickets. However, you’re a danger because you’re a stranger who never plays sidekick to anyone. A threat, I’m willing to bet, since they sit on a throne—alone.
When they want you to struggle, just juggle—like a clown, dancing and prancing as the orbs fly high in the sky. And just wait because your smile, in a while, will cause their crown to become a frown. It will pull them down to the ground, a soul chained to the pain of a shallow life.
Don’t subject yourself to a ringmaster: be a clown for the world.
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