My writing is a symphonic experience full of rich meaning: it employs an artistic voice coupled with practical function, in order to provide real nourishment for the mind.

Creative narrative for the lifestyle blog Sweat City {subject: street food vendors}

You’re hungry. Street vendors are your only hope, but their menus are probably dwindling by the second. As your blood pressure rises, you survey your options and act on a gut-check gamble by sprinting, dodging, and dancing through the crowd until you are planted cash-first in front of what you hope is a well-stocked cart.

Ah, the mosaic of fresh aromas tells you the gamble paid off, so eat what you want because your street slalom just freed up a bunch of calories. Way to medal, my friend!

Creative copy & blog name for the CINQ Creative brand

For their About Us web page

Boring graphics and stale content fatigue minds…and in some cases, they put an audience to sleep. That means those tired patrons won’t connect with a brand and its message, which means they won’t return for more. And an audience that walks away is no longer an audience.

For their About Us web page

Our creative process is the mortar that binds our ideas and strategies, and it’s the rock around which we anchor our vast imaginations, to balance fresh thinking with sensible solutions.

For their blog CINQ Think

We’re free thinkers, not prerecorded robots. That’s why we enjoy sharing our thoughts on the dynamic world of creative communication, because fresh knowledge opens eyes and nourishes minds.

CINQ Think: Better than swag, more interesting than a talking T. rex.

I ALSO ILLUSTRATE, and my eccentric style is a perfect companion to content that has a playful, imaginative, odd, or edgy nature.

Blog name & introduction copy for WrkLfe Mfg. Co. {name: The Raw Materials – Our Thoughts on Concept & Craft}

As creators, we are constantly influenced by exploration and observation. And we waste nothing. That’s because our studio is always looking for ways to grow and evolve while adhering to our sturdy foundation. Frankly, we never know which resources will be perfect for a future endeavor: what isn’t used now is saved for later, and what we can use now is built into both the project and our collective thinking.

We are the WrkLfe Mfg. Co. and these are our raw materials.

Creative nonfiction for the James Lambert Consulting blog {title: Let Fiction Guide Your Revolution}

I’m witnessing the beginning of a workplace revolution. It’s not a torch-and-pitchfork mob storming the watercooler and demanding that Hawaiian shirt Friday be all day and every day. No, it’s far from that. In fact, it’s greater than that. It’s a shift in the collective mindset—an earthquake of professional proportions—that’s redefining the landscape of our job culture. It will tear down cubicle walls, crumble wretched commutes, and give people the ability to fly above it all. This movement has momentum and it’s called The Gig Economy . ..{read the entire blog article}.

Creative narrative for the Parrotime brand

Let’s face it: there’s nothing quite like a singing voice released from its cage! The sound of notes and nuance achieved with true panache, or the joy of firing up vocals that are rough around the edges, simply for the sheer thrill it brings. The motivation doesn’t matter because singing is, in fact, fun.

So, ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your tail feathers because we’re squawking about a fresh and fantastic way to have fun with songs, a new spin for the 21st century and beyond!

Introduction & tagline for the lifestyle blog Sweat City {tagline: Welcome to Sweat City: Your Home for Witty City Workouts with a Typographic Twist!}

Exercise is important, but you don’t need a gym to get it. Because frankly speaking, our daily city activities are chock-full of miniature workouts, from running to catch a distant bus to hair-raising hikes over snow-filled parking spaces or power-lifting a friend’s couch up three stories of stairs. Yep, your city—our city—is always giving us an opportunity to feel the burn: no gym required.

To celebrate that perspective, I’m sharing one witty city workout a week alongside a hand-lettered title—a badge, of sorts—to put a fresh and healthy spin on our everyday lives. So, the next time you miss a workout, don’t sweat it: just let the city be your gym!

Yours in exercise and sarcasm,

Nikita Prokhorov
Lettering Artist & Mayor of Sweat City

Title & copy for WrkLfe Mfg. Co.’s quality assurance page {title: Inspected by WrkLfe}

We build each solution from the ground up. Every component is hand-picked and crafted with care. And to ensure your project fulfills your needs on levels large and small, we meticulously inspect the final product, from every angle, to make sure it’s worthy of your stamp of approval.

If you have questions or want to commission bespoke writing, let’s talk!