Haiku is a type of poem that consists of three lines with a 5-7-5 syllable count, and that ends with a profound turn of thought. Its short form is perfect for conveying the meaning of a message in a creative but concise manner. My commissioned haiku are created for blogs, websites, presentations, gifts, and events.

(commissioned by Baker Prince Photography, for a blog article)

dance and masquerade
two souls touched by shoes and chats
love is always love

(commissioned by Susan Wobst, as a gift for a relative)

painted feathers fly
grace afloat creative wit
a profound embrace

(commissioned by the Patterson/McCann wedding, for display at their reception)

you and me—soulmates
beyond words and hugs and time
our heart’s in the stars

(commissioned by North Star Science & Technology, for their website)

data empowers
the conservation of life—
one Earth, shared by all

FOR COMMISSIONED WORK / Each haiku includes the poem typed onto a 7″ x 5″ piece of 65-lb. white card stock (acid-and lignen-free) using my antique Royal Quiet De Luxe typewriter (built sometime between 1939 and 1943). Alongside the haiku is an ink drawing that represents the meaning of the haiku. The entire package is mailed inside a crisp black envelope that includes a description card on how the haiku was created along with care instructions for framing it.

Haiku & Why It's For You
To learn more about the benefits of haiku, I invite you to download my free primer on haiku for businesses.

Included are thoughts and observations about how haiku can benefit business messaging, along with a brief case study highlighting a real-world example.