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Because if truth be told, boring sentences wrapped in a generic voice will put readers to sleep. And when they stop reading, they may not return for more. So yeah, less readers means a smaller audience. It’s a discouraging picture, to say the least, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

That’s why I write: to craft rich reading experiences that caffeinate the brain spaceAnd I accomplish that through the use of theme, voice, and narrative steeped in creative thinking. It’s a powerful approach that embraces the unique aspects of an endeavor and its message, thereby sharing real substance—in a memorable manner—with readers who are craving it. In time, those readers could become part of a loyal tribe, a merry band of brand loyalists who will follow content instead of running from it.

Joe Blend | Writer | IllustratorMy worknames and taglines, website content, blog articlesand sometimes haikuhas helped a variety of endeavors communicate in a unique and ultimately more engaging manner. However, I know standing out in a crowd can be an unnerving notion, especially for those accustomed to more conservative styles of communication. So, I invite you to read what other professionals have said about creative communication, people who previously employed my caffeinated wordsmithery in one form or another.

Perhaps you’re mildly curious, or maybe you think my writing could benefit your project? Regardless, let’s talk!

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